If the San Diego Chargers struggle, A.J. Smith and Norv Turner should be fired mid-season

The San Diego Chargers have not made it to the playoffs since the 2009 NFL season.  This will be A.J. Smith‘s 10th season as general manager of the Chargers and Norv Turner‘s sixth season as the team’s head coach.  Turner was a questionable hire by Smith to say the least since he had a 58-82-1 record in nine combined seasons as head coach of the Washington Redskins and the Oakland Raiders.  Turner made Smith look like a genius in his first year with San Diego during the 2007 season as the Chargers made it to the AFC Championship game, but lost 21-12 to the then 17-0 New England Patriots.

Turner continued to be a breath of fresh air during the 2008 season when San Diego knocked off the Indianapolis Colts in the playoffs for a second consecutive season.  They would go on to lose 35-24 to the eventual Super Bowl champions in round two. Turner’s tenure with the team started to go south after that loss.  The Chargers finished with a 13-3 record in 2009, but lost their only playoff game.

San Diego got off to a dreadful 2-5 start in 2010 and finished with a 9-7 record which was one win away from making the playoffs.  San Diego was 4-1 in their first five games last season, but went on a six game losing streak that destroyed their chances of making the playoffs. San Diego was 8-8 last season as were the AFC West champions, but lost due to a tiebreaker scenario.  San Diego has a 3-5 record in the playoffs in Smith’s nine seasons as GM and while Turner’s 3-3 playoff record is not horrible, San Diego lost their last two playoff games.  If there is a slow start to the 2012 season, San Diego’s ownership needs to make immediate changes.


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  • BMac

    I disagree. It’s not that I’m a proponent for Norv as hc but I think it’s more about how you finish not how you start. Pats and G-men being an example. Norv deserves the entire season but if it’s another one & done in playoffs then it should be his last.

    • Kenny Gardner

      I see your point, but the only season in which San Diego started bad and turned it around was 2008 when they were 4-8 and Denver collapsed after starting 7-5. Coughlin got a break because he won a Super Bowl and had a winning record in the playoffs before their 2011 postseason run. San Diego has not been to the Super Bowl under Turner, are at .500 with him in the playoffs which is not bad, but lost their last two playoff games

  • tom

    norv is not a motivator, he may be a good off cord but that is it !!! we need a head coach who can get the team prepared to do battle every sun .. if all the fans can see this why cant managment ????

    • Kenny Gardner