Minnesota Vikings New Stadium Approval Closer Than Ever

By Andrew Fisher

When Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton suggested that the Minnesota Vikings new stadium approval could get pushed back another year, it didn’t look good.

Fast-forward a month though, and the only obstacle left to overcome, is getting Dayton’s signature on the bill.

The Minnesota state Senate approved the new Vikings stadium bill Thursday, by a vote of 36-30.

For everyone involved, it’s been a long time coming. Almost certainly now, plans will go in motion to construct a new home for the Vikings.

The total cost of the bill is set at $975 million. The Vikings will pay $477 million, the public cost is $348 million, with the city of Minneapolis paying the remaining $150 million.

This is the right thing for the Vikings, the city of Minneapolis, and the state of Minnesota. Everyone involved will benefit from the new stadium long-term.

Much of the credit for the deal getting done this year, has to go to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. I’m certainly not the biggest Goodell fan, but he clearly knows what’s best for the league, and the Vikings staying in Minnesota is good for business.

As soon as Governor Dayton suggested the stadium issue could wait another year, Goodell stepped in and said, no. Finally someone called called out Minnesota to get a deal done, thankfully.

Now we’ll never know what would have happened if the issue was put off another year. Would the Vikings have left town? I really doubt it, but would they have at least considered all of their options? Absolutely.

Luckily for the team’s fans, and the NFL, people finally realized it was time to take care of business.

More on the Minnesota Vikings new stadium as details emerge.

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