Tennessee Titans Rookies Arrive in Nashville Ready to Play

By Stephanie Umek

Today was the day for most of the Tennessee Titans 2012 NFL Draft class as they made their way to their first ever appearance at Baptist Field. The Rookies along with other undrafted free agents will begin a “Rookie Camp” tomorrow to fight for a spot on the Titans roster.

The Titans draft class is as follows, Kendall Wright, Zach Brown, Mike Martin, Coty Sensabaugh, Taylor Thompson, Markelle Martin, and Scott Solomon.

Defensive tackle Mike Martin was on scene to speak with Titansonline.com and he told them that he was excited to be there and that it felt like college all over again. Nice analogy Martin. I’d tell him that I would agree with that statement, but he is on a bigger stage now. Fortunately I don’t think that Titans fans will have to worry about an ego on this kid. He told reporters that, “It’s completely new, but the one thing that stays consistent is we’re playing ball, so that’s the exciting thing about it. The field’s 100 yards long.”

Aside from the draftees undrafted free agents started to float in, players like Collin Mooney, who has spent his last four years in the United States Army.  But don’t let that fool you, while playing for the Army Black Knights, he recorded 1,339 rushing yards (a school record). During his commitment to the Army, he worked as a strength training coach.

He drove himself to the field today and could feel the excitement even this early in the process. Mooney told reporters, “I had never been to this city. I was going to an NFL team, so it was a lot of emotions and feelings going on during that ride. I was trying to keep the emotions and the nerves in check.”

It was a very emotional day for everyone but the real works starts as early as tomorrow. Today the guys were sized up for helmets and went through physicals and were scheduled to have dinner tonight with Head Coach Mike Munchak.

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