Top 20 2012 Green Bay Packers Player Salaries

By Michael Terrill

The Green Bay Packers should have all of their draft picks signed by the end of this week, which is refreshing to hear considering how difficult it could sometimes be in the past. This means all rookies will be able to attend camp on time and not miss anything they will need to know in order to make an impact on the team. With that being said, I thought it would be interesting to see the Packers top 20 player salaries for the 2012 season.

Player Salary (M=Millions) Contract/Extension Signed    Expires
Charles Woodson, CB               $11.562M 2010    After 2014
Aaron Rodgers, QB                 $8.500M 2008    After 2014
Tramon Williams, CB                 $7.381M 2010    After 2014
Greg Jennings, WR                 $7.347M 2009    After 2012
A.J. Hawk, LB                 $6.531M 2011    After 2015
Jermichael Finley, TE                 $5.750M 2012    After 2013
Ryan Pickett, DE                 $5.737M 2010    After 2013
Donald Driver, WR                 $5.000M 2010    After 2012
Josh Sitton, OG                 $4.800M 2011    After 2016
B.J. Raji, NT                 $4.255M 2009    After 2013
Desmond Bishop, LB                 $4.245M 2011    After 2014
Jeff Saturday, C                 $4.000M 2012    After 2013
Jordy Nelson, WR                 $3.825M 2011    After 2014
James Jones, WR                 $3.100M 2011    After 2013
Mason Crosby, K                 $2.400M 2011    After 2015
John Kuhn, FB                 $2.400M 2011    After 2013
Clay Matthews, LB                 $1.930M 2009    After 2013
Bryan Bulaga, OT                 $1.847M 2010    After 2014
Derrek Sherrod, OT                 $1.500M 2011    After 2015
Jarrett Bush, CB                 $1.433M 2012    After 2014


I am certainly not surprised to see cornerback Charles Woodson at the top of the list, although, there is a good chance Aaron Rodgers will be No. 1 before the season is over due to the highly-anticipated salary extension he rightfully deserves. Arguably the best quarterback in the league cannot be making under $10 million a season after winning the NFL Most Valuable Player Award and two years removed from winning the Super Bowl along with Super Bowl MVP honors.

It is important to note wide receivers Greg Jennings and Donald Driver will be free agents after the 2012 season. The Packers will have to figure out a way to lock Jennings up long-term, which should not be a problem due to him wanting to stay in Green Bay. Hopefully, the Packers will re-sign Driver to a one- or two-year deal, but more likely they will not re-sign him at all with the emergence of Randall Cobb.

It is also critical Green Bay gives Clay Matthews and B.J. Raji long-term contract extensions as they are crucial pieces to the defense. Both players will require big-time extensions but it should be easy to work out considering they both enjoy playing for Green Bay. It is nice to win a Super Bowl with a young team and a potential future Hall of Fame quarterback leading the squad because those young talented players will want to remain with the Packers organization in hopes of adding to the legacy.

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