What About Kolb? Heat Is on Arizona Cardinals Quarterback

By Greg Archuleta

Everyone knows about the six degrees of Kevin Bacon; the heat figures to be considerably greater on Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb during the 2012 season.

Kolb will be under a lot of heat to get the Cardinals back to the postseason, at the least.

The closest to anything positive is Kolb telling the Tucson Citizen that he’s ready to prove himself this season and show that the Cardinals made the right move staying with him.

And presumably not pursuing Peyton Manning harder.

That was a huge mistake by Arizona — no, not the premature end to the courtship, but rather opening the pursuit in the first place.

Unless Manning was willing to sign for $1 million – and that was never going to happen – there was no way Arizona could pay Manning and sign anybody else, namely left tackle Levi Brown or free agent guard Adam Snyder.

By starting after – and then ending – the Peyton chase, the Cardinals put a lot of undue pressure on Kolb.

Now, they’ve drafted wide receiver Michael Floyd to go along with arguably the best wideout in the NFL in Larry Fitzgerald.

Not only that, but running back Ryan Williams is close to coming back from a torn patella tendon he suffered during  the 2011 preseason and could form a formidable backfield with Beanie Wells.

Kolb has a plethora of weapons at his disposal – and “plethora” could be the right word; he might have too many weapons. Just more pressure on him to produce. The Cardinals were able to address at least some of their needs on the offensive line in the offseason.

Kolb almost has no excuses not to produce. And the minute he struggles, fans will be clamoring for John Skelton-.

Skelton did perform admirably in Kolb’s absence last season, but does anyone really think Skelton can be a franchise quarterback?

The word Kolb used in his quote to the Tucson Citizen was “anxious.” Right now, a whole lot of Cardinal fans are right there with him.

The hope is that Kolb will be as “Footloose” and fancy free as Bacon. Then again, Bacon only had to worry about six degrees.


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