Why Kyle Wilson Is Not A Good Option At Nickel CB For The New York Jets

By Akiva Goldenberg

Recently I wrote an article about the weaknesses of the New York Jets in 2011. Some of my followers and their followers strongly disagreed that Kyle Wilson was a liability as a nickel cornerback last season. When I cited other sources, such as profootballfocus.com (PFF) or Matt Miller of New Era Scouting, they said there were plenty of other sources that contradicted mine.

So I went back and looked at the numbers to prove my point. Apparently out of all NFL cornerbacks featured prominently on defense this past season, Wilson allowed the seventh highest completion percentage. He allowed quarterbacks to complete 66.7% of their passes against him, that’s 40 out of 60 passes thrown.

To add insult to injury he was one of the players who covered Victor Cruz when he scored that 99 yard touchdown against the Jets and he was dominated by the New England Patriots in both of the games in 2011. I should add that I sent an email to Neil Hornsby, the founder of PFF, a couple months ago inquiring about the website and what their team does.

It’s important to note that PFF is often used by NFL teams (including the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants), and cited frequently by a number of media sources including the Wall Street Journal, ESPN, and the New York Times. Hornsby explained that the PFF team watches every play of every game and that their grades were based on objective analysis of each player.

He explained that if PFF had a significant negative grade on a player, then that player was definitely not good at their job. So when I found that the site had Wilson earning a grade of -8.5 as a cornerback, I knew my eyes had not deceived me in 2011.

I actually think Wilson would be a good cornerback if given the opportunity to start as the primary cornerback opposite Darrelle Revis, but sadly he will most likely not get that chance with the Jets since Antonio Cromartie has six years left on his contract. During his time in college Wilson never played at nickel cornerback, so these results should have been predictable.

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