Twitter Trends: Arian Foster Works to Get The Trending

By Kris Hughes

Each day, we use the word “the” to make our spoken and written language make sense. Today, Houston Texans running back Arian Foster has decided to make it his mission to get the word “the”  trending on Twitter.

The tweets are too many to post in one article, but these two about sum it up:

[blackbirdpie url=”!/ArianFoster/status/200978255929544704″]

[blackbirdpie url=”!/ArianFoster/status/200983756625031168″]

Many asked why “trending” never trends. His response is that it was a task for another day. Gotta love it.

Now this, my friends, is how Twitter can be used for entertainment.

Too often, people try to act as an authority, humblebrag, argue for its own sake, or generally be a pest on a communication medium that was intended to be fun.

Sure, Twitter has helped some of the world’s greater injustices be documented in real-time– think the Arab Spring, for example– but it doesn’t always have to be about serious dialogue and self-promotion.

Sometimes, it can be used to get a word trending that we use every day. Hell, I’d rather see “the” trend than many of the trends which rise to the top of the Twitter ranks from day to day.

For example, Bristol Palin is trending as I write this article? Why should I care about Bristol Palin? Why do so many people on Twitter care about her all at once?

Neither question I really expect an answer to, it’s all purely rhetorical.

If Arian Foster wants to get the trending on Twitter, then good for him.

He’s one of the more engaging and intelligent pro athletes on Twitter and always good for a watch.

Why not?

Thanks Arian.

You’ve added some lightness.

Kris Hughes is the College Football Network Manager for Rant Sports. If you enjoy his takes, you can follow Kris on Twitter, check out his personal Facebook page, or stop by his personal Tumblr page. 

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