Happy Belated Birthday to Cam Newton

By Dave Daniels

Cam Newton turned 23 yesterday, and it should be a great year for him an the Carolina Panthers. It’s Newton’s Michael Jordan-number year, and hopefully it is a year befitting of the greatest basketball player in NBA history. Newton and Jordan are also both currently based in the same city, with Michael Jordan currently running the Charlotte Bobcats. His team just had the worst winning percentage of any team in NBA history, and hopefully they have change coming in the form of probable #1 draft pick Anthony Davis, but that will be determined by ping-pong balls.

Newton, on the other hand, just had the best rookie season of any quarterback in NFL history. He amassed more passing yards than any rookie signal-caller, and had more rushing touchdowns in a season than any quarterback ever. It was an impressive rookie season, and one that will be difficult for Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III to follow

Newton will join the rookies, who just had their rookie mini-camp, at OTAs next week, and it should be a start to an exciting year. Opposing coaches have not been shy about praising Newton’s ability this off-season; Lovie Smith said that “we don’t play many teams who get off the bus and their quarterback looks like Julius Peppers”. Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll called Newton “an extraordinarily rare athlete”. Here’s hoping Newton has an excellent birthday, and we all look forward to seeing what he can do on the field this year.

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