Jake Locker Makes Final Appearance at Titans Caravan

By Stephanie Umek

Jake Locker made appendences today at three local elementary schools and two public autograph signings. He came well prepared in one of what he called his favorite outfits, mainly because of the comfort to the clothing. Sporting a dressed down look of a camouflage hat and brown boots, he was ready for a long day.

His day started with in Sullivan County at Hampton Elementary and Middle Schools. His speech mainly focused on the importance of the program that the NFL has made called the NFL Play 60 Program. Not only the NFL but most doctors recommend that people of any age get at the very least 30-60 minutes of exercise every day.

Later in the day Kenny Britt joined Locker at the Academy Sports and Outdoors in Chattanooga. Everyone is still talking about how Britt will come back and when he does, will be he fully healthy? In my opinion, from reports I have seen, Britt is putting in the rehab hours. He is constantly on the field improving and getting himself back to be 110%. He knows the shoes he needs to feel and that the Titans will need him this coming season.

Britt also made appearances in Alabama yesterday.

During this offseason the Tennessee Titans have now established a solid offseason program without the interruption of a lockout. Currently, the players have 90 minutes with the coaches on the field where the Quarterbacks can run with receivers and tight ends. But the defensive players aren’t allowed on field at the time.

Ultimately Jake Locker would love to become the starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, however there is still a lot to work on. He is a young quarterback and knows there is more than just his talent that will factor into becoming the starter.

During the Caravan he made this one of his closing statements. “My goal is to earn the respect of the guys around me, not to ask for it. How you go out and work and prepare yourself, they can tell it means something to you. You’re not telling anybody you’re going to be perfect all the time, but knowing that you’re going to give it your best shot, and whatever the outcome is, it is, but you’re not going to regret what you’ve done because you went about it the right way.”

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