Titans Sign NFL Draft Pick Coty Sensabaugh to a Four Year Deal

By Stephanie Umek

Yesterday was the first day that most of the 2012 Tennessee Titans Draftees were able to be on the field with other players and the coaches for the start of their offseason program.

It was a good day for Coty Sensabaugh, the Cornerback that was picked in the fourth round in late April out of Clemson. Many people are very excited to have Sensabaugh on the team, saying that even though he is young, he has an excellent mind and that it’s very mature. Many scouts could not get away from the fact that they could not believe how well this kid knows the game of football.

Well it’s a good thing, because it’s not like he has to fill the shoes of Now St. Louis RamsCortland Finnegan. But the ability to learn behind guys like Matt Hasselbeck, Kenny Britt and Chris Johnson is going to give him that extra boast of confidence that any rookie is looking for during their first season.

While at Clemson, Sensabaugh had 87 tackles in 52 games with four interceptions. He managed to break up 18 passes and is able to put a bit of pressure on the quarterback when it’s needed. I am very excited to see the kind of work that he puts in on the field.

In seeing his rise in the NFL combine any person who understand the stats of football will realize that he came in as an under the radar player that just exploded through all the tests and drills that the players were put through. It will be interesting to see the maturely level in which he can play with while learning from veterans in a professional league.

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