Hypocritical Revis Continues to Bash Belichick, Patriots

By Sean Rollins

In late March New York Jets pro bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis appeared on Sportscenter with New England Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski. During the sit-down with the two, they took part in a word-association game. During the segment each was asked to use one word that describes the other coach. Gronkowski was kind with Jets coach Rex Ryan and replied “entertainer” but Revis was ruthless with Patriots coach Bill Belichick calling him a “jerk”.

Revis was given the chance to reconsider his words last week but refused to adjust what he said stating that he spoke the truth. Certainly what Revis was referring to are some comments that the head coach of the 3-time Super Bowl champions has said about his Jets in the past. However, while Belichick has spoken critically about the Jets, it’s not as if they haven’t done the same.

Ever since Ryan has taken over the Jets he has made outlandish predictions and expressed his distaste for the Patriots. In 2010 he chastised the Patriots claiming they ran up the score when they defeated the Jets 45-3. While he was disgusted with that, he apparently didn’t have any problems running up the score on Buffalo twice that season.

As for players, Bart Scott has made himself an enemy of the Patriots over the last few years. After the Jets beat the Patriots in the 2010 divisional playoffs in Foxborough, Scott went on a rant when interviewed following the game where, instead of being professional, went into a tirade about feeling disrespected. While some saw it as raw emotion, it was an attempt to show up their hated rivals. Following the game, Scott went after the Patriots again saying that they can’t “talk and play” and that the Jets had “more playmakers” despite previous results indicating otherwise.

To claim that either the Jets or the Patriots have taken the high road in this rivalry would be delusional. Both teams have coaches and several players who have done much more talking than playing when these two teams have faced off. But to claim, as Revis did, that Belichick or the Patriots are “jerks” for some of their comments is very hypocritical because for each snide remark made toward the other team, there has always been a retort from the opposition just as scathing.

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