The Kansas City Chiefs Vs. The AFC: Super Bowl Odds Part IV

By DanFlaherty

Is this the year the Kansas City Chiefs finally win the trophy named after their late owner? The Lamar Hunt Trophy is given each year to the winner of the AFC title, but the Chiefs have never won it since it was christened such, and the last time they even got the prize associated with the Hunt Trophy—a trip to the Super Bowl—was the championship season of 1969. What are their chances of making 2012 the year, at least based on the odds posted in the sportsbooks of Las Vegas? As part of a series of four posts comparing Kansas City to the rest of the AFC, this piece will focus on the Chiefs vis-à-vis the AFC South…

Kansas City Chiefs: 15-1

The AFC South
Houston Texans: 5-1
Tennessee Titans: 15-1
Indianapolis Colts: 30-1
Jacksonville Jaguars: 50-1

Are you freakin’ kidding me? What genius decided the Tennessee Titans have the same chance of winning the AFC as the Chiefs? The teams were comparable a year ago, the Chiefs winning seven games while the Titans won eight. But Kansas City, from the outset of the season, lost a Pro Bowl safety in Eric Berry, a top rusher in Jamaal Charles and a quality tight end in Tony Moeaki. Then Matt Cassell got hurt in the middle of the year and the offense never got a rhythm going.

I don’t mean to knock Tennessee—I really don’t, I think they’ve got a good coach in Mike Munchak and I can certainly see them making the playoffs. In fact, if you wanted to argue that the Titans have a consistency that makes it more likely they’d make the postseason than Kansas City, I could see your point. But we’re talking about who can be a real dark horse to make the Super Bowl and that means an upside beyond the playoff borderline. Kansas City has that in a much higher degree than Tennessee.

The Chiefs Vs. The AFC: Super Bowl Odds
AFC East
AFC North
AFC West

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