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Tim Tebow Gets 30-Minute E! Television Special This Summer

You know you have made it big time when E! is getting in on the action. New York Jets’ quarterback Tim Tebow is getting his own E! special this summer, in what I presume will be a True Hollywood Story. The E! network said they will have a 30-minute special that will air sometime in July about Tim Tebow.

“We have a Tim Tebow special in the works that is tentatively scheduled to premiere in July,” an E! spokesperson said. “Tebow is a pop culture phenomenon, and the interest of his life expands beyond the world of sports. He’s a compelling personality and has a fascinating story.”

I feel shocked, Cotton. It was only a matter of time before the entertainment industry hopped aboard the Tim Tebow bandwagon. Considering what E! airs on a weekly basis, they could use Tim Tebow on the airwaves. Heck, they could use him to heal half of their outright trash they “employ”. It boggles my mind that people watch half the nonsense that’s on that station. I guess that’s what separates the men from the women. We watch countless hours of sports, and they get emotional because Khloe didn’t get the dress she and Kim wanted, continuing the emotional divide between the two sexes.

If I work at E!, I’m going all out with this Tim Tebow stuff. Follow that man around, and one of two things will happen. One, they find something juicy about him that can bring a lot of entertainment. Or two, it will show how incredibly boring he is so people stop obsessing over every little move he makes. I mean people cared that he renamed his dog for Pete’s sake.

I guess if the New York Jets won’t go on Hard Knocksthis will be the closest we get to a reality show starring Tim Tebow. And sadly, I’ll be watching because I am a sheep.