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Donovan McNabb Should Be The Philadelphia Eagles Backup Quarterback

Donovan McNabb is desperately trying to earn one-last chance to make it as a starting quarterback in the NFL and has been doing everything in his power to prove to teams that there’s still some gas left in the tank–which includes losing 20 pounds during the offseason. While the chances of him earning a starting job for Week 1 seem highly unlikely considering all 32 teams seem to have some sort of idea as to who will be calling the shots at quarterback, there are a few teams that could benefit from bringing McNabb on board for insurance purposes–like the Philadelphia Eagles.

McNabb has always had a positive relationship with Andy Reid and the Eagles head coach recently praised his former quarterback by saying that he would “highly recommend” numerous teams to give him another shot. If this happens to be the case, why not let McNabb finish his career in the city it started in back in 1999?

Michael Vick is always going to be an injury risk considering how often he moves around in the pocket or breaks free for a run on his own. If something were to happen to Vick during the regular season, Philadelphia would be forced to rely on Mike Kafka, Trent Edwards, or Nick Foles to take over the duties at quarterback.

Kafka is still a work in progress and inexperienced when it comes to being a starter. Edwards has received plenty of opportunities to prove himself as a starter in the NFL and failed numerous times. And as for Foles–let’s just say the Eagles better hope they never face the situation where they’re forced to go with the rookie in 2012.

Obviously, McNabb would be a much better option over any of these three quarterbacks if something were to happen to Vick and if they could get him at the right price–this could end up being a wise decision for the Eagles. McNabb’s career may have taken a turn for the worse since being traded to the Washington Redskins back in 2010, but take a look at the weapons he’s been dealt with over the past two seasons.

It’s safe to say McNabb would be more effective with weapons like DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and LeSean McCoy compared to what he had to work with in Washington and Minnesota. McNabb’s at a point in his career where he would be willing to do whatever it takes just to land a roster spot on a team–so Philadelphia should strongly consider bringing back their old veteran quarterback for at least the backup position.

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