Why New Orleans Is Making A Big Mistake By Waiting to Sign Drew Brees

By Akiva Goldenberg

In the NFL the quarterback position is the most coveted in the league and Drew Brees is one of the five best. Yet Mickey Loomis, the general manager of the New Orleans Saints, seems to have forgotten that and now he is endangering the team’s chance to sign Brees by turning down the demands of the star quarterback.

Before Brees was signed by the New Orleans Saints for the first time in 2006, the team was one of the worst in the league. They had never won a Super Bowl before and had just five playoff appearances in their 39 year history up to that point. After the icon joined the team they reached the playoffs four times in six years and won Super Bowl XLIV.

In 2011 Brees had one of his best seasons throwing for a NFL best 5,476 yards and 46 touchdowns. He posted a Total QBR of 84.0 that season and was rated by Pro Football Focus‘ as the third best player, regardless of position, in the league.

The team lost their top offensive lineman, Carl Nicks, and one of their top wide receivers in Robert Meachem this off-season . They have lost Jonathan Vilma, their leader on defense, for the entire season for his part in the Bounty scandal. This team can’t afford to lose another one of them due to a holdout dispute.

Drew Brees is within his rights by asking to be paid more than any other NFL player per year with his new contract, and the Saints should accommodate him. Instead Loomis has upset the star and if this continues the team’s owner should strongly consider firing the general manager.

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