Nick Mangold Gets His Chest Waxed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

By Bryan Lutz

On most occasions, I know exactly what I want to say before writing an article. However, in the case of witnessing New York Jets’ center Nick Mangold getting his chest waxed on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, I really don’t know what direction to take. The All-Pro center laid out shirtless, taking part of some nonsensical trivia game. I had my volume off – so I don’t know exactly what the whole thing was about – but I’m guessing it was a set-up for Shaggy McGee to miss questions in order to wax Nick Mangold’s chest hair.

You could not pay me enough money to get my chest waxed, especially around the nipple. It’s ironic I watched The 40-Year Old Virgin just yesterday, thinking to myself how insane Steve Carrell had to be to get his chest waxed like that. Luckily for Nick Mangold, he didn’t look all that hairy, unless it wasn’t visible because he has blonde hair.

I’m kind of disappointed Tim Tebow wasn’t the one ripping the roots out of Nick Mangold. That would have made for some quality television. Look at the bright side, at least it wasn’t Nick Mangold’s sister out there. Yabba habba.

So next time you can’t sleep and are unable to find anything on televison, flip through the channels and you might find a shirtless offensive lineman getting his chest waxed.

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