Can the New York Giants Become a Dynasty?

The New York Giants got together last night at Tiffany & Co. to receive their rings for winning the 2012 Super Bowl.  The ring is gorgeous, featuring all four Lombardi Trophies the Giants have won in their history rising behind the Giants “NY” symbol that is filled with diamonds and the top of the ring is bordered by 37 sapphires.  The words, “All in” and “Finish” also adorn the sides of the ring, echoing the words of the coaching staff and players down the stretch.  As the Giants tried their rings on and flashed their new, shiny hardware, a new theme began to pop up, dynasty.

No New York Giants player has ever won three Super Bowls.  The Giants won their first Super Bowl following the 1986 season.  Many of those players were still on the team when they won their second Super Bowl following the 1990 season.  However, the Giants would have to wait until the 2007 season to win their third.  Again, several Giants from that 2007 team were on the 2011 team and several will still be with the 2012 team.

The Giants will enter the 2012 season as marked men.  They already have the toughest schedule in football, at least on paper.  Now, they have the added target of being defending champions on their backs.  Since 2000, only the New York Giants, Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots have won more than one Super Bowl.  The Giants and Steelers have won two,  and the Patriots have won three.  Only one other team, the Indianapolis Colts, have been to multiple Super Bowls, winning one and losing one.  Getting back to the Super Bowl isn’t easy.  Winning a second one is tougher.

However, the Giants are in good position to at least make another run at Super Bowl glory.  They don’t have many holes, play well as a team, and have used their draft to fill holes that would have been too expensive through free agency.  Can the Giants become a dynasty, though?

It is certainly possible that the Giants can become a dynasty.  The team is still young, only nine players are 30 years-old or older.  The oldest player on the Giants is newly acquired DT Shaun Rogers at 33.  The second oldest player on the team is backup quarterback David Carr at 31.  General manager Jerry Reese has done an excellent job of infusing the Giants roster with youth through the draft and with undrafted free agents as well as being very selective in free agency.  Certainly this team could contend at least one or two more times in the next three to five years.  If the Giants can win at least one more Super Bowl in the next two years, no easy feat, then the word dynasty will finally be associated with a New York Giants team in the Super Bowl era.

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