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Ed Reed Is Not 100 Percent Committed To Playing Football In 2012; How Does This Affect The Baltimore Ravens?

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Ed Reed of the Baltimore Ravens is one of the best safeties in the history of the NFL.  He always seems to make the key play when his team needs it.  However, Ed Reed has been slowed by injuries over the last couple of years.  In fact, Ed Reed says that he may not play football in 2012.  He is not 100 percent committed to playing as it stands right now.

First off, let us take this with a grain of salt.  The season does not start until September.  It is currently May.  There is a lot of time for Ed Reed to change his mind.  However, he has had some pretty bad injuries.  Has Ed Reed come to grips with his mortality and is that the reason he may not want to play?

Secondly, Ed Reed did not say if he was going to retire or if he was going to take 2012 off.  There is a big difference in that.  Ed Reed has always talked about retiring, but I am not sure if anyone has ever taken him seriously.  He could be looking for a year to refresh him and recharge his batteries.

If Ed Reed retires or doesn’t play in 2012, the Ravens defense will be hurting.  Ed Reed is a tremendous playmaker in the secondary.  He may not always be healthy, but he changes the game when he is.  The Ravens would certainly be worse off without him.

This will be a story to keep an eye on as we get closer to the season.  The Ravens will have to try to convince Ed Reed to come back to football.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.