Giants Rings Revealed

By jason evans

In a ceremony on May 15, the New York Giants revealed their super bowl championship rings. The rings are bigger and better than the ones from the last super bowl win.


The rings were again made by Tiffany and CO. and of white gold. Giants ownership along with Justin Tuck, Eli Manning and Zak DeOssie were heavily involved in the process of making the rings. The really cool part of the ring is that honors the other three super bowl championships that the Giants have. There are four Lombardi trophies on there surrounded by blue diamonds. The Giants logo is set in the middle of the ring surrounded by the super bowl trophies. There are 37 blue sapphires on the top of the ring. It was important for the players to have more blue in this ring compared to last one considering they are “Big Blue”. Included on the ring is the final score of the game as well as the years of the previous titles. The ring also has finish and all in which were rallying cries for the team as they went through the season.


I think that ring itself is a great way to commemorate the championship. The rings are definitely gaudy, however if you win a super bowl you have to right to do whatever you want to do to the ring. I think its a cool idea that the players got input on the rings as well. They earned them therefore they should have a chance to pick what’s on them.



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