Jason Garrett Building a Dallas Cowboys Team for Short, Long Run

By Jeric Griffin

The Dallas Cowboys need a division title and a legitimate Super Bowl run right now. The true fan base is sick of hearing about all the talent on the Cowboys’ roster that just isn’t performing like it should. Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett hasn’t been consistent in describing his approach to building the team, which goes hand in hand with his failure to show some accountability for his in-game mistakes last season. However, if the 2012 NFL Draft is any indication, Garrett may now be on the right track.

As mentioned, the Cowboys are a team trying to pull everything together with its current core in an attempt to win a title without a complete roster overhaul. Dallas is also beginning to look toward the future, though, as all teams should.

The Cowboys drafted seven players in April and only one of them wasn’t a captain, Oklahoma tight end James Hanna. There was a reason Garrett wanted each of those players. Actually, there were two.

These rookies were leaders in college, so they already have experience making plays when needed by their team. That helps the Cowboys both in the long- and short-term plan.

For a team trying to win right now, the Cowboys need rookies who will make big plays right off the bat, i.e. Morris Claiborne, and ones who will play consistently when called upon, i.e. Kyle Wilber.

Dallas doesn’t need all seven draft picks to be instant superstars; these players simply need to do their job and not make silly mistakes, which is what leaders do and something the Cowboys have had a problem with in recent years.

For example, Wilber won’t leave a running back out of the backfield wide open in the flats, which is something that absolutely killed the Cowboys in 2010 and 2011 specifically. That’s not something that only a superstar would do, but it is something a leader always does.

Likewise, guys like Wilber will build on little things like that and become a leader at the pro level like they were in college. That helps the Cowboys in the long run because even though stars like DeMarcus Ware haven’t hit 30 yet, they won’t be around forever.

Adding rookies who are leaders is far more important than adding rookies who are talented, but immature. Even though six of Garrett’s seven draft picks weren’t flashy, they’re the kind of guys who should get the job done on a consistent basis, which is what the Cowboys’ skipper has been preaching for quite some time, but it’s just now becoming clear to everyone else.

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