New Receiving Corps Confident For St. Louis Rams

By Anthony Blake

The main priority for the St. Louis Rams heading into this past offseason was to upgrade a receiving corps that struggled mightily in 2011. The team believes they have done just that with receivers Brian Quick and Chris Givens who were each selections by the Rams in April’s NFL Draft.

Quick was taken 33rd overall at the top of the second round and enters with high expectations. He has loads of potential and the team’s General Manager Les Snead had this to say about his top second rounder: “First of all, you’ve got a big man. He’s tall, 225 pounds, long arms, can catch it. He’s got rare hand-eye coordination, so he can go snatch a ball. He’ll get rebounds for us, but that same big man can cut on a dime, and he can get off the ball really fast. I think we worked out a lot of receivers and this guy was as good, or better, than all of them.”

Those type of comments place plenty of pressure on Quick who really seems oblivious to the lofty thoughts surrounding his potential. Following the recent mini camp workout, Quick said: “I feel like there’s no pressure, because if I come out here everyday and work and do what I’m supposed to do, there shouldn’t be pressure at all. As long as I come out here and do things I’m supposed to do, then I do that on the field, it translates to the game what you do in practice.”

One player really banking on Quick is quarterback Sam Bradford who is entering his third year with the team and will have his own set of standards to live up to in 2012. He will need help from more than just one player however if this team hopes to improve in the coming year.

That is why the team also selected Givens in the fourth round to provide Bradford with some additional options. Givens is just as enamored as Quick to be with the team as he said: “It’s definitely exciting. It’s a big opportunity – it’s all going to be about what we make of it. We’ve got to put in the hard work this summer and get in our playbook and get in the weight room and do things we need to do to take care of our mind and body so that when training camp comes around, we can be full speed. Just coming here with the receiving corps being wide open, completely new coaching staff, it just makes everything that much more fun.”

The fresh start element to the Rams in 2012 has to be an appealing one to fans who can still remember the glory days of Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce like they were yesterday. If Quick and Givens turnout to be anywhere near as productive as those two were during their time with the team, this team has plenty of reason to be excited for their new regime.

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