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New York Giants Float “Dynasty” Term Around at Super Bowl Ring Ceremony

The New York Giants officially received their Super Bowl rings yesterday, but that was not the interesting topic of discussion at the ceremony. Though the 14 karat white gold rings with four diamond Lombardi trophies on them are certainly a sight to see, the Giants players excited fans with talk of a possible dynasty.

It is clear the word complacent is not in any of the player’s vocabularies.

“You get that first time and you’re in awe, like, ‘Oh God, this might not ever happen again,’”Justin Tuck said at the ceremony. “You win a second one and you’re like, ‘Hey, maybe we can do something here.’ Our thing now is we want to make it a dynasty.”

If the Giants were to turn this into a dynasty, it would be unlike most others in that there were a couple years in between championships in which the Giants did not even make the playoffs. Two championships in five seasons is certainly dynasty worthy, but they will have to be competitive over the next several years before the term “dynasty” will be thrown around.

And that’s exactly what the Giants intend on doing.

Tuck said to Eli Manning in a private conversation “we have to play the games, we might as well win them.” Eli responded to reporters after sharing a laugh.

“Well, I thought that was a confidential conversation. Justin was talking to Mr. [John] Mara and he was saying no Giants player has three championships with the Giants. So we’re setting the stakes high and make sure we stay motivated.”

Engraved on the rings are the words “finish” and “All-in,” both of which were motivating words of wisdom for the Giants last season. They define what Tom Coughlin wants this team to be about, and he loves the fact that they are on the ring.

“It means everything to me. The word ‘finish’ in there really captures a lot of emotion for me. …The fact our players can quote to you what this means to them and how they were reinforced by this over and over, I think that says a lot. I’ll always look upon that.”

Antrel Rolle had perhaps the best quote of the night, encasing the team’s attitude in one concise sentence.

“You can always have more rings. Just ask Michael Jordan.”

Indeed. Hopefully the Giants can bring New York fans another reason to parade the Canyon of Heroes.


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