Calvin Johnson Takes One Deep at Comerica Park

By Paul Bentley

Detroit Lions wide-receiver Calvin Johnson was taking batting practice at Comerica Park Friday. Yes I said it, batting practice. Calvin “Megatron” Johnson does it all.

Not only does “CJ” beat double-teams, triple-teams, catch everything in the red-zone and destroy NFL defenses every week, he also swings the lumber rather well. In the video below, Calvin casually strolls up to the plate donning a Detroit Tigers fitted as well as an official MLB Tigers warm-up. After spraying a few balls around, and taking one to the warning track, CJ finally takes one deep over the left-field wall. Other than LeBron James, Calvin Johnson is arguably the best all-around athlete in the world. His wallet at least agrees with me.

Johnson will also be the cover-boy of Madden 13 when it is released this summer. “Madden Curse” you say? Listen, the “Madden Curse” is not real. The NFL is a sport in which the majority of players get hurt at some point in the season. It’s football. The “curse” is simply an injury, and injuries are inevitable in this grown man sport. Rarely does a player complete a year without an injury. Besides, Calvin is built like a greek-god. He will hold up fine this year.

Ryan Broyles, the Lions second round draft pick out of Oklahoma, should be a good addition with Nate Burleson and Titus Young to give Calvin some breathing room and less triple-teams.

Here is the video of Megatron doing his best Miguel Cabrera impression. I also thought the old man striking the Heisman pose at the 0:21 second mark was comical.


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