Dallas Cowboys Fans Named 4th-Most Delusional; Label Both Accurate, Inaccurate

During the NFL Honors award show in February, Alec Baldwin joked “the Dallas Cowboys are Super Bowl contenders every year…just ask them.” The line was quite comical, but also true. A certain national radio host, who is so ignorant of the reality of sports that his name won’t be mentioned in this column, recently ranked the 10 most delusional fan bases in all of sports. However, while a majority of his list was way off base, he got No. 4 right. Dallas indeed boasts one of the most delusional fan bases in all of sports.

“The owner is your general manager is sort of a running joke in the league,” he said. “One playoff win in 15 years. I like Dallas more than most, but that’s a delusional fan base.”

It seems the Cowboys are always a Super Bowl contender, at least according to the organization, as Baldwin comically pointed out. His joke may have been humorous, but the reality of the matter is not. As the host said, Jerry Jones is a running joke not only in the NFL, but the entire sports world.

Jones is arguably the greatest owner in all of sports; he is a mastermind at maximizing the fan experience, which, in turn, maximizes revenue for his team.  However, he is also arguably the worst general manager in all of sports.

As one of my all-time favorite media personalities likes to say, and I quote with no censorship: “Jerry is one heck of an owner, but when it comes to putting together a football team, as an owner, he’s a bleeping idiot.” You’ve got to love the use of the actual word “bleeping” there to provide a perfect description of Jones.

The fact Jones tries to force the world to believe his team has returned to prominence each and every year makes him that running joke in the league and makes his fan base that much more delusional. However, it’s not the actual Dallas faithful that’s naïve, but those whose Cowboys jerseys, caps and t-shirts still have the tag on them.

You see, the Cowboys have the largest fan base of any NFL team, but only a small portion of those “fans” are actually members of the Dallas faithful. My father and father-in-law are two members of that elect sect, who are grouped together with the mass of delusional air brains by the rest of the sports world.

These two men were there when the franchise was born and grew up with it, through that first winless season, the early Super Bowls, the later Super Bowls, the 5-11 era all the way until Tony Romo’s tenure. They root for the team with all they have each and every day and are genuinely upset when they’re disappointed, which is far more often than not. There are very few actual Cowboys fans like that.

So on one hand, the Cowboys being ranked as the 4th-most delusional fan base in sports is accurate if that includes all the bandwagon and fair-weather fans that make up a majority of the group. However, those who are true members of the Dallas faithful, those who hate Jones like Cain hated Abel, are not delusional. They know the true potential of the Cowboys at the beginning of each season, regardless of what rubbish Jones tries to shove down their throats with his colorful and unnecessary Jerry Speak. The Cowboys’ “fan base” as a whole is indeed delusional, but the true fans, those whose voices will never be heard, are not.

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