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New York Giants Dynasty? Not so Fast

There was a lot of dynasty talk at the ring ceremony for the New York Giants. There hasn’t been a dynasty in the NFL since the early 2000′s when the New England Patriots were winning super bowls. Dynasties are such a hard thing to accomplish in sports. There are just so many variables in sports now especially football where I can’t see a dynastic run happening.


Football is a tricky game. There are a lot of things that can happen that can prevent you from winning titles. One injury here or there to a key player. One bad bounce on a kickoff or off a player’s hands and your season is over. Over the past few years, its been about playing your best going into the playoffs. Look at the Giants past two super bowl runs. They went 8-1 to finish the season (including playoffs) both times. The Green Bay Packers won their final six games to win their super bowl two years ago.


It seems like in many sports that the hot team going into the playoffs and in the playoffs is the team that’s going to win the championship. Look at the run the Los Angles Kings are on in the stanley cup playoffs. Who would’ve thought they would win 11 out of 12 games? The point is is that you wont see a dynastic run in any of the four major sports for quite a while. The Giants are probably the closest thing to it right now with two in four years but chances are there won’t be one for quite a while.