Safety Markelle Martin Agrees to Contract with Tennessee Titans

By Stephanie Umek

Today marks the first day for 2012 NFL Draft Class pick Markelle Martin as an official Tennessee Titans player. He is the third of seven draftees to receive a contract since the draft at the end of April.

With this deal, the Titans-once again, look to build the defense that will carry them through the playoffs. The Titans picked up Martin in the sixth round of the draft from Oklahoma State. This is a player who’s numbers are consistently going up which means he pushed himself to the extreme every time.  He was ranked fourth in the NFL combine in safeties and 100th in player performance overall. Last year alone he had 65 tackles for Oklahoma State and forced two fumbles.

The Titans are looking for a good core group of young players to help behind their few veteran players like Matt Hasselbeck, Chris Johnson and Nate Washington. The defense has players like Derrick Morgan, who has really been able to step it up but he cannot do it alone.

This draft class has already shown potential in the off season program and they will continue to climb with the leadership of coaches like Mike Munchak and general manager Ruston Webster.

The Titans have four other players from the 2012 NFL Draft along with many other undrafted free agents that are able to be signed in this off season. It all depends on the work ethic and the game that these talented men are able to bring to the field and whether or not they will become Titans for the regular season.

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