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Drew Brees Is Frustrated With The New Orleans Saints, And He Has Every Right To Be

New Orleans Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees has recently expressed his frustration with the New Orleans Saints and I do not blame him. The source of Brees’s frustration is due to the fact that he has not been given a new contract by the Saints and that the Saints have placed the franchise tag on their star quarterback. Both sides cannot seem to come to an agreement on a new deal and talks have been on and off for pretty much the entire offseason.

Brees thinks he should be one of the top paid players in the NFL and he has definitely proven himself worthy of that status. Last season Brees led the NFL in total passing yards with 5,476, breaking Dan Marino’s previous record. Furthermore, with Brees leading a dynamic offense the Saints had a 13-3 record and made it all the way to the NFC Divisional round, before losing a “nail biter” to the San Francisco 49ers. There are too many question marks for the Saints in this upcoming season and Brees is one player that is a sure thing. Brees led the Saints to their first ever Super Bowl championship back in 2010 and has turned the Saints into a perennial playoff team.

Saints’ management needs to stop messing around and give Brees whatever contract he wants. The Saints have lost a lot of key players this offseason and Brees is the best player on the team and he also plays the most important position. I think Saints management has done a great job of adding players this offseason, especially on the defensive end. Furthermore, the Saints did a great job in the draft with the limited picks they had, but the season will be coming up real fast and it would behoove them to get a deal done for Brees sooner rather than later.

I think Drew Brees has every right to be frustrated with the Saints and I actually commend him for how he is handling the entire situation. Brees is a very loyal person and the fact that he has not said much until now shows how much of a professional he is, and that he is genuinely frustrated. Brees understands that the NFL is a business and everyone has to try and get the best deal possible for him or herself, and Brees has handled the situation in stride. Amidst his frustration Brees is still confident that a deal will get done; he wants to play in New Orleans but not under a one-year franchise contract. The Saints need to give him a lucrative long-term contract because he has done so much for the organization and he really deserves it.