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Lawrence Taylor Super Bowl Ring Up For Auction

On the same day the New York Giants Super Bowl rings came out, another Giants super bowl ring went up for auction. The ring of Lawrence Taylor from Super Bowl 25. Taylor’s son put the ring up for auction.


Who knows why it was put up? Taylor has had some run ins with the law, with the most recent coming in May 2010 when he was able to strike a deal on to avoid jail time. He might have needed the money to help cover legal fees. The only thing is Lawrence himself didn’t put the ring up for auction. His son, Lawrence Taylor Jr. is the one who put it up and according to various reports, LT senior had no idea that his son was even doing this. One of the best parts about the ring is that it has significant “wear and tear.” I guess that means LT wore it a lot?


As of writing this post, the bid for the ring is up over $98k. If you wish to check out the listing or even put a bid on it if you have that kind of change just burning a hole in your pocket click on over here


I’m sure in the coming days the reason why the ring was put up for auction will come out. That should be an interesting story in and of itself.