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Tom Coughlin Deserves Extension; Just Not All The Credit

Tom Coughlin will soon be getting a contract extension from the New York Giants. The extension will be well deserved. Anytime you win two championships in four years you deserve a contract extension and probably a raise.


Has everything been peachy and hunky dory throughout Coughlin’s tenure? Of course not. From Coughlin time to spats with guys like Michael Strahan and Tiki Barber to late season collapses and playoff failures. With another super bowl title in the next couple of years, he and Eli Manning can join a rare pantheon of coach quarterback combos with three or more super bowl wins. With every great head coach, comes great help in putting it all together. Coughlin has only had one sub .500 record which was his first year. Coughlin has certainly benefited from that.


Having Steve Spagnuolo and now Perry Fewell at defensive coordinator has certainly made an impact. The year in between them with Bill Sheridan was an absolute disaster, where they finished 8-8 and were 30th in points allowed including a whopping 85 in the final two. Kevin Gilbride has been the offensive coordinator the entire time. As much as the way he calls plays can get frustrating at times, all in all he’s done a pretty good job with the offense especially in the development of Eli Manning. Jerry Reese and Ernie Acorsi did a great job in putting together the team throughout this run. Finding diamonds in the rough is the key to success in the league and finding guys like Ahmad Bradshaw in the 7th round and Victor Cruz as and undrafted free agent is the key to building teams.


Coughlin has done a great job with this club. Clearly the system works and its the right way to go for this particular group of players. Coughlin has softened up as he has gotten older and it’s lead to success for him and his club. Things he’s instituted like the leadership council has provided more stability and a better way to communicate with the players. Coughlin deserves credit for this run, but in order to make it its also about the organization.