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Buccaneers Will Attempt To Trade Kellen Winslow; Could The Bears Have Interest?

Heading into OTAs this week, the NFL rumor mill picked up just a little bit with the news that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will attempt to trade tight end Kellen Winslow.

That report came from Winslow himself, who was informed by the team that they are going to attempt to find a suitor for him. The desire to trade Winslow comes after the Bucs worked out, and were impressed by, former Indianapolis Colts tight end Dallas Clark. They are expected to sign him in the near future.

Potential destinations for Winslow are expected to start trickling out within the next couple of days, but should the Chicago Bears be one of those teams?

The Bears, despite filling plenty of the holes on their roster, are still without a legitimate threat at tight end. Kellen Davis isn’t scaring anyone in the passing game, though the Bears did use a draft pick to select Tempe tight end Evan Rodriguez, who has been described as a poor man’s Aaron Hernandez.

Still, it remains to be seen how much either of them can contribute to the passing game, meaning the Bears are without a tight end that can be a real weapon in the passing game. You can also thank the still questionable trade of Greg Olsen for that.

If the Bears were attempt to trade for Winslow, there are plenty of factors to consider. The first is the obvious physical talent he brings to the table. He’s a downfield threat and would be yet another weapon for Jay Cutler to use in the passing game.

Then you have his injury history. Winslow has a history of knee problems, though in three years in Tampa Bay, he did not miss a game, even if he was limited.

A third is his contract. Winslow has three years remaining on his current contract, and is still owed another $13 million for those three years, which is part of the reason that many are speculating that he could end up in free agency rather than traded.

While you can expect the Bears to have interest in Winslow, a trade doesn’t seem likely. That could go for many teams in the National Football League, who could look to sign Winslow if he is released, rather than trade for him. Should the Bucs fail to find a trade partner, they will very likely release him, making that possible.

It will be interesting to see if the Bears pursue Winslow, should he be released by Tampa Bay. Though they have three tight ends already on the roster, there’s no denying the talent that Winslow could bring to the table. He’d be yet another weapon in a passing game that has already added Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey this offseason.

Once Winslow is released, assuming there’s no trade available for the Bucs, should the Bears pursue Winslow? Absolutely. But will they? That is the real question. Don’t forget, Matt Forte is still waiting for a new contract as well, which could impact their ability to sign a guy like Winslow.

I’d expect the Bears to at least inquire on Winslow, whether through trade or free agency, even if they don’t end up bringing him aboard.