Linebacker Zach Brown Signs Four-Year Deal with Tennessee Titans

By Stephanie Umek

One of the most popular draftees to the Tennessee Titans from the 2012 NFL Draft is Zach Brown. He was able to prove a lot of people wrong in the beginning of the off-season program. Enough so that the Titans organization feels that he is worth a four year contract.

Brown is a rookie out of North Carolina who was criticized for not putting enough pressure on the opposing offenses. The joke was that Brown was, in fact, scared of contact. Not the best reputation to go into the NFL with when you are a linebacker.

According to Brown’s agent Brian Overstreet, the deal in which he signed is worth $3.858 million over four years. In addition to that, he will receive an additional $1.246 million as a signing bonus. Not to mention the fact that his second-year guaranteed salary will be roughly about $565,377.

He has many guys in front of him, so in no way will he become a starter, however with many athletes that ‘You can’t do it’ attitude gets them going. Hopefully it will work in the same effect for Brown and he will become one of the go-to guys within the next few years. As of right now his off-season competition will be someone like Will Witherspoon. Otherwise he can look to sit and watch veteran players and hope to learn a thing of two from them.

I’m not saying Brown is a bad player, he most certainly is not. However he does have a lot to learn, like any rookie does. He can sit and watch how the older players react and down the road in two years or so be able to run the show and step it up. (Remember, his contract is four year, with two guaranteed with numbers on the table already).

That marks four draftees down for the Titans, three more to go. Let’s see if the rest of the guys make it out of the off-season program with some numbers attached to their names.

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