Victor Cruz And His Salsa Dance Make Appearance In Madden 13

By Riley Schmitt

Victor Cruz broke onto the NFL scene last year as a star wideout for the New York Giants last season.  His fame quickly grew, both for his skill and his awesome touchdown dance.  Cruz’s salsa dance made waves across the nation and now it is coming to Madden.

The video above is an example of Victor Cruz breaking out his best dance moves after scoring a touchdown.  I have a feeling that the game is putting a big emphasis on touchdown celebrations this year.  Celebrations had been kind of bland over the last couple of years in the game.

There may be too much emphasis on the celebrations for some people, however.  People play the game for football first and foremost.  The celebrations help make the game more lifelike but you do not want to put too much emphasis on celebrating.  The league is trying to crack down on celebrations, so I am not sure that making them a big part of the game is wise.

Madden continues to add new things to make it better and better.  It is still one of the better sports franchises out there.  As the only football franchise, it could get stale over time.  However, they are doing their best to keep the game fresh.

If more players like Victor Cruz make celebrations a staple of their game, Madden will keep adding them.  I look forward to playing the game this year, just to see how the celebrations look during an actual game of Madden.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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