2013 NFL Pro Bowl To Be Played In New Orleans?

By Alejandro Aviles

It was announced today that the 2013 NFL Pro Bowl could be played in New Orleans at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome; home of the New Orleans Saints. The Superdome will already play host to this season’s Super Bowl but NFL owners met today and have apparently narrowed down the Pro Bowl’s location to Hawaii and New Orleans. However, in earlier months there was talk that the NFL would just get rid of the Pro Bowl entirely, so these developments could prove to be quite interesting.

If the Pro Bowl game is to be played New Orleans is supposedly the leading candidate to play host. It would make a lot of sense for New Orleans to host the Pro Bowl; the main reason being that they will be hosting the Super Bowl one week later in the same arena. It would be great for the city of New Orleans and would be convenient for players and media a like to have the pre-Super Bowl game in the same place. However, there is no guarantee that the game will even happen.

The NFL has tried for the past few years to make the Pro Bowl more appealing to fans but have yet to succeed. In addition, some critics argue that the game is pointless because it is a risk to player health. With all points considered, the Pro Bowl is an NFL tradition and while most people might be fine without it there are sure to be some people who want it to stay.

If the game does happen this season there definitely has to be some kind of overhaul to the game to make it more appealing to the fans; maybe the NFL should model the NBA’s All-Star weekend that features skill competitions and highlights up and coming players. If the Pro Bowl does happen and New Orleans hosts it you can be sure that the city will be ready because New Orleans definitely knows how to throw a party.

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