Washington Redskins – Dallas Cowboys Appeal Dismissed

The Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys have lost their battle, which was essentially a one-and-out in a hearing that took place May 10th. The hearing focused on a motion to dismiss the NFL’s filed response to the grievance, which contended that the NFLPA agreement to cap penalties prevents the teams from attacking it.  The hearing proceeded without witnesses or evidence, instead putting a focus on jurisdictional issues – if the Cowboys and Redskins have any rights at all, since the NFLPA agreed to remove the cap space. Arbitrator Stephen Burbank has dismissed the challenge of a total $46 million in a salary cap penalty handed to the Redskins and Cowboys. The NFL and other owners found that the Redskins and Cowboys violated the spirit of 2010′s “uncapped” season. Burbank has sided with the league.

UPDATE: The Washington Redskins and Dallas Cowboys release a joint statement:

“We pursed our salary cap claim pursuant to the CBA and we respect and will abide by the arbitrator’s decision to dismiss. We will continue to focus on our football teams and the 2012 season”

Dallas lost $10 million in cap space and Washington $46 million, which is divided between this season and next season. They’re leveling the Cowboys and Redskins for apparent front loaded contracts to Dallas WR, Miles Austin and former Redskins DT, Albert Haynesworth. Both contracts were approved by the NFL, but as Cowboys Owner, Jerry Jones  noted – this is a complicated issue. The league is claiming Washington and Dallas broke “rules” in 2010, however, under an uncapped season there weren’t any rules to begin with – at least that’s what we thought.

Both teams have decided to face the penalty and move on with their respective club’s off-season preparation, as said in the statement above. This is a good decision by both sides. Taking this battle to another level could have become messy.

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