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Washington Redskins Excited, Focused In First Week of Practice

Inside their new indoor facility, the Washington Redskins begin their march towards the 2012 NFL Season.

The storyline of a new and improved Redskins team can be seen in everyone’s eyes and words, as Robert Griffin III takes the field and gets acquainted with new and old faces.

But for RG3, they’re all new.

It’s business for RG3. This is what he’s here for, but even he admits, “…when you’re with the vets, it’s more, ‘I can help this team win,’ show them why coach has so much confidence in you.”

That mentality is taking notice.

“Since he’s been drafted, you can see the maturity, the leadership, all the intangibles you would like in your quarterback,” said London Fletcher. A good sign indeed: Fletcher’s been around enough to know if his time is well spent.

He didn’t come back for nothing. I mean really: This is season 15 for the 2011 season leader in tackles. Santana Moss described his throwing ability as “pinpoint”, something that the Redskins lacked last year.

However, there is still a bar. Rex Grossman’s season wasn’t all horrible. Even with a 57.9 passing percentage (458 attempts, 265 completions) and a 72.8 QB rating, Grossman rounded out the top 10 quarterbacks in the NFC. He threw for 3,151 yards, 152 away from Michael Vick, who threw for 3,303 yards last year.

So yeah, there’s a bar. Can RG3 pass that? I have all the confidence in the world that he can. If he can’t, there’s Kirk Cousins, a person who doesn’t know what a bad season feels like.

And then there’s “The Franchise” Fred Davis, a person who made it a point to announce that there will be no drug problems this year. He served a four-game suspension last year for failing multiple drug tests. This year, I hope he’s for real. This is not the year to be the man who puts a black eye on the franchise.

And this year, everyone needs to be firing on all cylinders. Chris Cooley knows that. When asked about returning from his knee issues he said, “It’s a pleasure to be back, I’m excited to compete. It’s a big challenge for me and I’m looking forward to it but health-wise I’m good.”

That’s a name the Redskins will need on the field. There isn’t a Tight End in the NFL right now that is as dependable and as consistent. Now it’s time for everyone to settle in and play their position, and understand what’s expected of them.