Buffalo Bills Causing a Stir this Off-Season

This new looking Buffalo Bills team has already caused quite a stir throughout the Buffalo area, as the team spent a lot of money this off-season.  The Bills have already sold out their first two games for individual tickets and are expecting the rest of their season tickets to sell out in the next couple of weeks.  Everywhere throughout the city of Buffalo there are Bills flags in every yard and people wearing jerseys walking down the street.  The fan base has really begun to show their support for their hometown team, giving a real mid-90’s feel back to the area famous for their chicken wings.

Firstly, the team signed superstar defensive end, Mario Williams, with the hefty $100 million dollar contract.  Then the team brought in veteran defensive end Mark Anderson and dual-threat quarterback Vince Young, with both of their contracts combining for another $29 million dollars.  The team is seriously dedicated to ending the team’s thirteen-year playoff drought and this off-season proved exactly that.  This is especially encouraging since last year the Bills’ season ticket total (37,555 ticket holders) was the lowest total for the organization in over ten years.

The Bills have five other home games to try to sellout, with the obvious exception being the team’s game on the other side of the pond (Buffalo vs. Seattle in Toronto week 15). The team has also received huge contributions on a yearly basis from Hall-of-Famer’s Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, and Joe DeLamielleure.  The stars have been known to buy up extra tickets for the games that were on the verge of getting blacked out, so the Buffalo faithful at home would still be able to see the games, a truly classy gesture by some of the franchise’s best players.

Buffalo fans are entering this season more excited than they have been in over a decade.  After all, fans get excited to see stars like Williams play, but they do no get excited to see Trent “Captain Checkdown” Edwards play.  The team has brought in some major talent, but more importantly they have done this without raising ticket prices.  This is outstanding because high number free agent moves is almost always followed by an increase in ticket prices.   The team has done everything right this off-season, and the fans repaid them by purchasing season tickets by the handful.


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  • mike edwards

    Thank Ralph Wilson. It is not just the signings that is impressive it took patience to get the alignment right and get free agents who wnat to be in a small market as much as for money. they have to want to be in Buffalo. Lynch, McGahee are two examples of drafted players who just did not want to be in a small town regardless of money. TO was a disater in a blue collar twon like Buffalo. Mario wants to be there and that is a BIG difference.

    Raise ticket prices ? Buffalo can’t afford it and Ralph knows it, even with the brilliant move to sell a game to Toronto, which was thinking outside the box to keep the Bills in Buffalo. Move the Team? any smart businessman would have done it decades ago, Tex Schram urges Wilson to do it in the 1960′s.

    Fans complain when a team does not win in Buffalo they must be thankful they have a team and at prices they can afford. No town in any professional sport owes more to an owner than Buffalo owes Ralph Wilson