Sam Bradford's Health Concern For St. Louis Rams

By Anthony Blake

Sam Bradford, quarterback for the St. Louis Rams, suffered a high ankle sprain in week 6 last year versus the Green Bay Packers and never regained his early season form. Some thought his lack of pass protection was at fault while others believed it was a less than stellar cast of offensive weapons around him to shoulder the blame.

What most didn’t consider was the fact that high ankle sprains tend to linger and nag during the course of a season until given the chance to properly heal. The fact that it is now late May however, and Bradford still isn’t one hundred percent is a bit worrisome. He told reporters last week following organized team activities: “It’s getting there. It seems to feel better every week. Less soreness, more things I can do, so I think it’s definitely on track.”

That answer definitely isn’t what the Rams’ organization wants to hear and with Bradford’s recovery time lengthened repeatedly when he tried to play on a less than one hundred percent ankle, the injury just hasn’t gone away.

These concerns would be less problematic if the Rams had some continuity in their coaching staff and offense, but couple the injury issues with the fact that Bradford is learning his third offense in as many years with the team and that only further complicates the situation. Having a quarterback coach in Frank Cignetti will give Bradford an extra set of eyes to evaluate just how well he is progressing in his reads and make sure that his footwork is spot on.

Last year was a painful one, both literally and figuratively, for Bradford and the Rams’ organization. This season boasts of promise and high hopes for a turnaround as the team has optimism for the first time in years. Bradford’s ability to get back to full strength sooner rather than later will be a definite positive for the Rams as they build toward a successful 2012 campaign.

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