The Houston Texans Have Finally Grown-Up Under Gary Kubiak

By Chris Shelton

The Houston Texans have come a long way during the Gary Kubiak’s tenure.

He received a 2-14 football team from previous head coach, Dom Capers. The Texans have since grown into a legitimate super bowl contender. That’s a starker contrast than current Presidential candidates are trying to paint of each other.

There have been bumps in the road. Kubiak could have been fired a few times. Texans owner, Bob McNair, has exercised prudence and stayed the course. He deserves credit. I was preaching to the choir, calling for Kubiak to be fired.

 The team has grown exponentially during the Kubiak era, in terms of talent, and winning mindset. Today, the team is talented bunch who knows it.

That is a good thing for fans of the team.

Arian Foster, an intellectual football player, is a microcosm of what Kubiak has brought to the Texans.

Foster has gone from undrafted free agent to pillar of the offense. He has had fumbles in big situations but has also been the team’s best player in a playoff game on the road.

He is now a leader on the team. He is not taking this season lightly.

“I think we’re at that point where we have a respect level around the league,” he said to the Houston Chronicle. “What (head coach Gary Kubiak) always talks about is that you have to earn your keep every single day in this league, not just on Sundays. You can’t pay too much attention to that because when you’re anywhere near the top it’s easy to go right back to the bottom.”

Foster also holds himself to a higher standard.

Asked by the Houston Chronicle what he can improve on, he replied: “Everything. Every single thing. Name it. I can get better at it.”

For the Texans sake, hopefully the young talented rookies follow Foster’s standard.

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