Trent Williams And The Washington Redskins Are Pretty Bad At Golf

By Riley Schmitt

It is a good thing that the Washington Redskins are professional football players and not pro golfers. Their golf games need some work, especially Trent Williams. The Skins were out golfing for Brian Orakpo’s charity and the team pretty much embarrassed themselves.

The worst offender was Trent Williams, who tried to put everything he had into a swing and missed.  He also fell over.  Not exactly a great way to introduce yourself to the game.  I guess I do not expect football players to be great at golf but I also don’t expect them to fall over while taking a swing.  I’m assuming Williams is a pretty athletic guy.  No reason he should be tanking on a golf swing.

That being said, I am glad the Redskins did something outside of their comfort zone for charity.  Not all of them fell over like Trent Williams, but a lot of them have golf swings that need some work.  But hey, it was for charity and that makes it worth it.

I think the only logical conclusion out of this is to have Trent Williams host his own charity golf tournament.  It looks like he could hit the ball a long way if he could ever connect with one.  I do not know how often he’ll ever connect, but a couple of lessons should eliminate the falling over.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.  He is not the world’s greatest golfer, but he has never fallen down while taking a swing.

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