Brian Murphy, Agent For Mark Sanchez, Takes Shot At Tim Tebow

By Riley Schmitt

The lackluster battle between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow for the right to be the starting quarterback for the New York Jets will drive everyone insane by the time the season starts.  Both players have their supporters and both players have good things that they do.  Thursday, Brian Murphy, an agent of Sanchez, took a shot at Tebow after he performed poorly during one of the OTAs the Jets have.

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Well, I think that sums up what Murphy thinks of Tim Tebow and his ability to quarterback.  Then again, he is probably not wrong.  Nothing about Tebow screams out franchise quarterback.  In fact, he is a great athlete.  I do think the funniest part of that tweet was Murphy calling Sanchez a “franchise quarterback.”  What has he done to ever show that?

Sanchez may have been to two AFC Championship Games but who honestly thinks he played a big role in that?  Sanchez should be hoping that Tim Tebow wins the starting job.  If Sanchez struggles out of the gate, the media and fans will be coming after him.  The only way to stave off the Tebow madness is to have Sanchez start the season as the backup and ride in to save the franchise.

The media mess between Sanchez and Tim Tebow will continue to get worse.  I doubt that either of them get involved personally, but representatives on each side will be taking shots.  The media will fawn over this and football fans everywhere will be looking to drive an iron spike into their frontal lobe.

This is going to be too much coverage for a team that probably won’t make the playoffs, but Tim Tebow rules all I guess.  Maybe Murphy will become a believer.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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