Florida HS Student Punished for "Tebowing" at Gradution

By Michael Collins

I can’t believe that NFL training camps haven’t even opened, Tim Tebow hasn’t even thrown a pass for the New York Jets, and already I find myself immersed in a story about “Tebowing“.   This time it’s a Florida high school student who took the all too familiar kneeling stance prior to receiving his diploma.

Graduating senior Chuck Shriner – on a five-dollar bet – knelt on stage as he was about to receive his diploma, and was promptly punished by his school.  Shriner had his diploma withheld until he cleaned up the gymnasium where the graduation ceremony was held.  The punishment was recommended by (are you ready for this) his mother, who teaches math at Shriner’s school.

So this young man thought it would be humorous to strike the kneeling pose and roust some applause from his classmates.  Apparently the school administration, including his mother, didn’t find any humor in the act.   “They said what I did would give underclassmen inspiration to do something else, that it might lead to something else,” Shriner told WPTV. “So they were trying to set an example.”

OK, so can we get a grip on this whole thing already?  First of all, it’s not “Tebowing”.  It’s bowing, kneeling, praying, or whatever else you want to call it.  It was not invented by Tim Tebow, and I’m pretty sure that even Tebow doesn’t want to take that much credit for it.

Second of all, why was this even reported by the national media in the first place?  Kids do stupid things at graduation ceremonies all the time.  Whether it’s dancing a jig, pulling up their gown to reveal racy underpants, or shouting whatever the latest teenage tagline is, kids do things – many time without the five-dollar payout – just to get a little attention as they march on stage to bring an end to their high school career.

Want to know the funny part of this whole thing?  This is a CATHOLIC high school.  So let me get this straight, Bishop Verot Catholic School is making a case out of a kid kneeling as if he were praying before he receives his diploma?  Talk about being overly politically correct.  Believe me, if there were ever a time for a kid to start praying, that would be the time.  Welcome to the real world Mr. Shriner.

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