Kellen Winslow Being Sued for $130K Worth of Damages to Rental Home

By Kris Hughes

Seattle Seahawks tight end Kellen Winslow is in the middle of a nasty situation regarding a rental home he and his wife rented in Rancho Santa Fe, California for six months in 2011.

Winslow has been sued for $130, 000 in damages to the home in a suit that alleges carpets and rugs were soiled with animal feces and urine and the home smelled of such upon inspection.

The walls of the master bedroom in the home also had large holes in them and cigarette burns were prevalent on outdoor patio furniture.

The suit also alleges Winslow’s landlord was shorted by $500 the final month’s rent owed ($9,000), and the couple’s utilities bills went unpaid for their entire six-month stay.

Winslow countered in saying the holes in the walls were caused by the attempt to mount a flat-screen television, and that the bills which went unpaid were supposed to be handled by the couple’s real estate agent, and were not, due to a miscommunication.

In this case, it’s difficult not to assume Winslow is guilty as charged.

His constant attitude issues, on and off the field in Tampa Bay finally became enough for the Buccaneers to work a trade just this past week with the Seattle Seahawks to move the former Miami Hurricanes star to the Upper Northwest.

It seems like trouble likes to follow Kellen Winslow, and the reports of this lawsuit and the landlord’s allegations are just another example.

Hopefully, Pete Carroll knows what he’s gotten himself into.

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