Mario Williams to Wear #94 for the Buffalo Bills

New home, new team, and it’s officially a new number for the Buffalo Bills‘ biggest new addition, defensive end Mario Williams.

Williams announced earlier this week via twitter that he will be wearing the new number, changing over from #90 with the Houston Texans by saying,

“New day new chapter it’s official

The switch to 94 comes after not being able to work out a deal with the current Bill who wears number 90, another defensive end, and team veteran, Chris Kelsay.

This has turned out to not a big deal at all for either player, and really it shouldn’t be.  While I understand that numbers are often a bid deal to athletes, I think it was nice of Williams to concede 90 to Kelsay, and not worry to much about making the change.

While Kelsay is not nearly the player that Williams is (and no one is pretending he is) it is true that Kelsay has been a mainstay, and solid performer for his career in western NY.   Coming up with five sacks last season, and has 30.5 in his nine year career in Buffalo.

This is not the first major number change for Williams, as he has worn different numbers at each level of his career.  He wore No. 9 in college at North Carolina State and No. 82 as a prep star at Redlands (N.C.) High School.

I’m looking forward to a lot of brand new 94 jerseys in the stands at Ralph Wilson Stadium next season, I may even have to buy one myself.

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