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Robert Griffin III Brings Washington Redskins Respect in NFC East

Robert, Resurgence, Respect. Those are the three “R’s” that has the Washington Redskins are feeling simply giddy over. You need a franchise quarterback to win in this league, and Washington believes they’ve found the right man for the job. Their division foes have taken notice, and the new found respect for my beloved Washington Redskins is extremely refreshing.

Philadelphia Eagles’ QB, Michael Vick calls Robert Griffin III his “little brother” and says it’ll be fun playing against him twice a year. You’ll be hard pressed to find a good comparison to RG3, but Vick is the guy he’s often compared to – even though it’s essentially unfair with a plethora of differences between the two. The Eagles know it’ll be a tough task facing RG3, and drafting 3 athletic defenders for their front 7 somewhat displays the respect they have for not only Griffin, but the NFC East QB’s as a whole.

Robert Griffin III even has the Dallas Cowboys’ respect -

“Any time you have a team getting a good quarterback, whether it be the Redskins or the Giants and the Eagles who have good quarterbacks, then you obviously want to counter that with good defensive players. I think the other thing is we have to get pressure. We obviously have one of the elite pressure players in the league in DeMarcus Ware. I think we have to get (Anthony) Spencer more involved in terms of productivity. Then you look at our defensive linemen. (Jay) Ratliff and (Jason) Hatcher and those guys, I think we have to get better there but I think we can do that. A young player like RG3, if we can get pressure on guys like that, I think it effects their accuracy, I think it effects their productivity and I think it will allow us to have success against them.’’ Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones told the Dallas Morning News.

“Whether it be the Redskins or the Giants and the Eagles who have good quarterbacks…..” When’s the last time you’ve seen Redskins and good quarterback in the same sentence? Robert Griffin III embraces pressure. He’s prepared to prove himself and is ready to lead.

With Robert, there’s resurgence, that will garner respect. #TheThreeRs

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