Tim Tebow Mocked and Called Lolo By His Teammates

By Bryan Lutz

There is no doubt New York Jets’ QB Tim Tebow is a lightning rod for attention. One of the many reasons Tim Tebow is so popular is because of his religion, which in turn leads to his virginity. Tim Tebow’s virginity is the most popular story of abstinence since Britney Spears was “allegedly” a virgin during her prime. But Tim Tebow has a new partner in crime in the small but proud abstinence camp, Olympic sprinter/hottie, Lolo Jones.

Lolo Jones recently came out and said that being a virgin is the hardest thing she has had to (oh yes it is!) to remain pure and keep her virginity, even more so than training for the Olympics. So, of course, when that news was made public, the quickest comparison we could draw was Tim Tebow. Apparently, Tim Tebow’s teammates felt the same way.

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I’m sure Tim Tebow gave it the good ole “gee whiz” treatment to his new teammates, but it has to be annoying to constantly be ridiculed for being a virgin. It’s not like Tim Tebow is a virgin because of the lack of opportunity. The man could slay a dozen dragons in one night if he wanted to. So for that reason alone, I somewhat respect him for staying true to his roots and fighting temptation.

Having said that, I don’t blame the Jets for having fun with their new teammate. Maybe it will allow some camaraderie  between the Jets and Tim Tebow. Lord knows there is going to be some friction in that locker room all season, might as well try to lighten the mood early on.

So keep fighting the good fight Timmy, you’re like a virgin superhero. Maybe he can fight back and chant “backup” when Mark Sanchez enters the room. I’m kidding. Sort of.

Here’s a small update for you, Lolo Jones has responded to the whole ordeal with this:

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Glad she has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

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