Video Of Tim Tebow "Tebowing" in Madden 13 Appears Online

By Riley Schmitt

Tim Tebow of the New York Jets is almost better known for Tebowing than anything he did on the field.  Earlier this week, we brought you an image of Tebow doing his best prayer like pose and now the video has appeared online as well.

As much as I despise all the media attention that Tim Tebow gets, this is actually pretty cool.  Madden is adding more celebrations to the game to make it more realistic.  Sure, they are probably ignoring more important issues but when have Madden games actually fixed actual issues?

My favorite version of Madden was Madden 07.  Those were simpler times.  It was also a lot easier to play defense and basically do anything.  I guess having Tim Tebow celebrate touchdowns is more important than fun gameplay but it is not my business.  This might also explain why I haven’t bought a Madden since 07.

I do like how they have Tim Tebow running for a touchdown instead of throwing for one you.  The biggest knock on Tebow is that he can not throw, so I guess EA Sports agrees with the public.  It is still funny to watch.  The touchdown pass celebration just would have been way too unrealistic.

The video of Tim Tebow has surfaced, which means the countdown to Madden is on.  I wonder how many people are going to ignore the game just because it involves Tebow celebrating.  It might be more than you think.  I would get frustrated if computer controlled Tim Tebow tore up my defense and then Tebowed in the end zone.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.

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