Brian Urlacher And Jenny McCarthy Are Now Officially Dating

By Riley Schmitt

It has been speculated upon for a while, but Brian Urlacher and Jenny McCarthy are officially dating.  McCarthy confirmed it on Thursday, ending weeks of speculation by people with nothing better to do with their time.

It is a slow time for news in theNFL, so this might as well count.  It is either this or more speculation about how Tim Tebow is going to change the world at New York Jets OTAs.  I can deal with athlete gossip.  I can certainly live without breakdowns of every single Tebow pass thrown.

Well, at least Brian Urlacher and Jenny McCarthy finally ended the speculation.  I mean, it will probably only increase the paparazzi but at least they know they are dating.  Before, it was people chasing them around and trying to catch them together.  I would imagine that this has to be a lot better on the psyche.

Now the Chicago Bears linebacker won’t have to deal with questions about how is recovering from his injuries.  Instead he can answer questions about his new girlfriend.  That might not be the world’s greatest exchange but at least he can mix it up a bit.

I wish the couple of Brian Urlacher and Jenny McCarthy all the best.  I would imagine they are both used to having to deal with people hounding them, but this may increase it.  They will probably need all the peace and quiet that they can get.

Riley Schmitt is a writer for Rant Sports.  Celebrity gossip gets boring, but there seems to be nothing else happening in sports.  Seriously.

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