Green Bay Packers Will Be NFL’s Next Dynasty

The Green Bay Packers are coming off a Super Bowl win less than two years ago and were in a good position to win last season before getting upset by the New York Giants.

The Packers finished the regular season with a record of 15-1 and seemed to be unstoppable. However, the offense didn’t click like it did for most of the regular season which made the holes on the defense more eye-opening. After what looks like a superb draft by General Manager Ted Thompson, the Packers seemed to have fix major holes in their defense.

Green Bay is one of the youngest teams in the NFL and have established players at key positions. Rodgers is set as the franchise quarterback for the next decade and will make the Packers a playoff threat every time he is under center. He also has a young receiving corps around him led by the trio of Jermichael Finley, Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson.

The NFL is becoming more and more a quarterback league and the Packers fit right into that mold. Their gameplan lives and dies with Aaron Rodgers and his ability to throw the ball.

The defense had a down year last year, but in 2010, they were ranked first in points allowed which was the key to their Super Bowl victory. The absence of Nick Collins last year really hurt the team, but now they have time to prepare and figure out who the best replacement is at free safety. Last season the Packers were ranked last in passing yards allowed which was a fluke. The addition of Nick Perry will help the pass rush tremendously and Clay Matthews will have a career year.

In fact, most of the players on the Packers have had excellent careers, but they are all still young for the most part. They still have time to grow and they haven’t entered the primes of their careers. Finley still has growing to do along with Jennings, Nelson,  Matthews, Tramon Williams and even Rodgers.

All of these players will be with the Packers for a long time, with maybe the exception of Jennings, and they will make the Packers the team tobeat for the next decade. This team is strong on both sides of the ball and have the best player at the most important position, quarterback, in the game. This team is built to become a dynasty. In fact, they resemble the last dynasty the NFL had, the New England Patriots.

The Patriots had the best quarterback in the league at the time with a stellar defense. That is what the Packers have now. They even have a better receiving corps which makes the Packers almost unstoppable. If Green Bay plays their cards right over the next five years, they can have three Super Bowls under their belts.

The Packers have to seize the opportunity they have in front of them and become on of the greatest teams in NFL history. They can’t beat themselves like what happened last season against the Giants. This Packers team is young and talented and have already experienced the thrill of a Super Bowl championship. What’s scary for the rest of the league is that they will just get better with time.


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