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Osi Umenyiora Skips OTA’s

Osi Umenyiora has decided not to come to voluntary OTA’s for the New York Giants. This move really shouldn’t shock anyone. It’s also one I wouldn’t exactly worry about either. Osi missed most of training camp and a good portion of last year and still managed to get sacks.


Let’s say you’re at a job you really like, however you aren’t exactly about what you are being paid. You know that if you left, you can probably land a similar position with another company for more money and more security. Let’s also say that you have to go to something for your current job where you don’t really have to attend it but if you don’t it doesn’t make the world’s best impression to the higher ups. (Yes the scenario nine of ten times is world class athlete related). This is Osi Umenyiora’s situation with the Giants. Yes he can show up to OTA’s and be a good soldier and participate. He can sit out and hang out and train on his own. He chose the later.


Sure you wanna build camaraderie and coming back off a Super Bowl win, you want keep that going. Osi was injured last year and didn’t participate, and it all turned out fine. It’s not like there’s a new defensive scheme to learn either. These kind of things, especially with Osi, you can’t worry about. Osi isn’t going to get traded either, nor will he sign a contract extension most likely. Osi is too valuable to the scheme to get traded. The Giants want to get after the passer. Why would they trade their best pass rusher? It wouldn’t make sense.


The same soap opera with Osi that the Giants went through in 2011 is still going on in 2012. He’ll probably skip most of training camp, even miss a game or two this season. When he’s in and healthy and active, he will make plays and get at the quarterback.