St. Louis Rams' Coach Jeff Fisher Says Sam Bradford Is Franchise Quarterback

By Anthony Blake

While word of St. Louis Rams’ quarterback Sam Bradford’s gimpy ankle has concerned many fans this offseason, the team’s new head coach has no worries. Jeff Fisher certainly doesn’t lack for confidence and he believes that his man under center will be just fine in 2012.

Fisher said: “You have to kind of delete last year, look back to the way he played his rookie year, under Pat Shurmur, who did a great job with him in this offense. We’re very excited. Brian Schottenheimer‘s an outstanding coach and we’ve got a fabulous quarterbacks coach in Frank Cignetti. They’re off to a real good start. It’s really fun to watch him work and watch him improve.”

Comments like these show some real faith in Bradford, but actions speak louder than words and the fact that the Rams chose to trade away the opportunity to draft another potential franchise quarterback in Robert Griffin III in the 2012 NFL Draft last month spoke volumes. Fisher does have point in suggesting that Schottnheimer’s influence could potentially be huge for Bradford as during his time with the New York Jets, Mark Sanchez may not have put up huge numbers, but the team did go to back-to-back conference championship games.

The outside world still may not be sold on Bradford as a franchise signal caller, but the Rams think that he has all the necessary elements to take them in the right direction. Fisher said: “The reason I came here is because of Sam. We’ve got a franchise quarterback here.” In his typical perfunctory style, Fisher summarized things better than any additional words could.

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